Specification And Details Of Our Products

We are introducing the new high density paver that have compressive strength of 40 and above.These come in 60 mm and 80 mm sizes.They are ideal for industrial and road laying applications.It can withstand total weight of 40 to 60 tonnes per truck.


Test certificate 32 for 60 mm and 60 above for 80 mm
4.5 tiles for a square feet
Weight 2.5 per tile size 8 by 4 inches

Presenting a whole new concept in paving that looks natural,is highly durable and aesthetically quite pleasing.With strong concrete base,these unique paving bricks are overlaid with colored marble or granite chips to give it a natural finish.


Size = 45 x 22.5 x 6cms
Weight = 14 Kg
9.87 Bricks = 1 Sq.M
Load in Tonnes = 80
Comprehensive Strength =15.5 N.mm2

Made with close attention to quality parameters , the pavers are excellent choice to give that touch of class for out door flooring.These unique pavers cone to you from Kapindia , a leading name in the manufacture of roof tiles , weather tiles etc...

One of the best product for the smart ones !