Leading name in manufacture of roof tiles,
floor tiles ,weather proof tiles ,structural hollow
roof blocks etc


KAP INDIA group of Concerns are well known in the field of Building and construction industry for more than 70 years.

We have a distinguished tradition in manufacturing and marketing quality clay roof tiles, wall and all other clay products in India and abroadThe groups has 10 sophisticated manufacturing units spread around Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

All the promoters of the Company are highly experienced in the brick and tile manufacturing business and are enthusiastic in implementing innovative ideas in production and marketing.

Kap India exports to the Middle East, South Africa and the West Indies. The group is the market leader in both the terracotta and concrete paver block industry.

Adopting modern technology along with indigenous practices and it's more than 1000 employees Kap India is well prepared to march ahead into the future.

One of the best product for the smart ones !